To our Neighbors,

It has been our pleasure to serve you as Neighborhood ISP for these past three years and we would like to thank every one of you for your support in growing a high speed and affordable network for all. We are undergoing some major changes with the addition of Utopia, Fiber services, managed IT services and many future possibilities. Neighborhood ISP has been a great success but we have, unfortunately, been unable to keep up with demand at a pace that meets our high standards and do not want this to affect the quality of service you have come to expect.

Introducing Neighborhood Networks!
Neighborhood Networks is a new company that will be taking over operations for Neighborhood ISP. Neighborhood Networks will be able to not only provide the same service you have come to expect, but also be in a better position to keep up with demand and expand coverage and services at a more effective pace.

Neighborhood Networks will be hiring all the employees from Neighborhood ISP so you can expect the same great customer service and network performance from our highly qualified and experienced team. All of the guarantees you have received with Neighborhood ISP will be honored with Neighborhood Networks. This includes your Price for Life Guarantee, the 24/7 HD Streaming guarantee and the promise to support Net Neutrality by never throttling or capping your data and speeds.

The switch from becoming a Neighborhood ISP customer to a Neighborhood Networks customer requires your attention and is completely voluntary. You have been sent an e-mail containing a form that must be filled out before your next billing cycle in order to retain services with Neighborhood Networks. If this is not filled out before your next billing cycle you will be contacted by a customer care representative from Neighborhood Networks to ask if you would like to become a customer of Neighborhood Networks.

Very Important Information about payments
All automatic payments to Neighborhood ISP have been disabled. If you were on automatic payments with your credit or debit card it will NOT process automatically. If you have set up bill pay with your bank or you send checks every month they must be made out to Neighborhood Networks in order for service to remain uninterrupted. Checks sent to Neighborhood ISP will not be cashed and will be voided and securely disposed of.

Because of this transition period, all accounts will remain active for the next 2 weeks regardless of bill due date. If your bill is due or due within the next two weeks, your internet will remain active until you decide whether or not to continue service with Neighborhood Networks. We hope this will give you enough time to decide if you would like to continue with our network.

There will be no interruption of your services or additional charges if the form is filled out and you wish to become a Neighborhood Networks customer.

We thank you again for all of your support over the years and are extremely confident that Neighborhood Networks will provide you the same excellent service you have come to expect.

Please contact Neighborhood Networks Customer Care at 801-724-6641 with any questions or concerns or to take care of this matter over the telephone.

Neighborhood ISP Executive Team

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